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Assess Your Lifestyle

Wellbeing underpins high performance and productivity

Understand effects of stress on your body

A 3-day snapshot of your lifestyle 

Scientifically proven technology

Official Firstbeat services provider in Hong Kong

A personalised and insightful map of your life in and out of work

  • Learn to manage your energy, not your time

  • Compare sleep quality vs quantity

  • A preventative healthcare measure

  • Understand your body resources

  • Track physical activity levels and intensity

  • Build physiological and psychological resilience

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
— Socrates (Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives, by Dan Millman)
Our integrated coaching approach to Performance & Wellbeing

Why get Performance Coaching?

ByoBeat believes in human connection and an integrated and mindful approach to achieving your desired performance outcomes. Often, we need a different perspective to challenge our views in order to create new insights and actions.

Our unique coaching approach to corporate, life and sports performance adopts a whole person philosophy encompassing four dimensions of energy management – physical (body), mental (mind), emotional (sensations) and spiritual (purpose).

In a co-creative process together with you, we design meaningful practices in growth areas of your life that have room for improvement. We work closely together with you and support your journey towards improved health and performance.

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Workshops & Public Speaking

Delivering key components of performance and wellbeing through small and large groups. Tailored to the needs of the client in order to address targeted areas for improvement. 

Teaming up with our associates to create more evolved and creative programmes that combine our talents to serve the needs of our client.

Key topics:

  • Managing your energy, not your time.

  • Implications of Stress on High Performance

  • Key components of Self-Leadership


Online Applied Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness-based coaching in small groups or on an individual basis.  A powerful 9 module course based on applied mindfulness techniques, neuroscience and over 30 years of coaching experience. Through our partnership with TeamUp we are able to share with you this empowering experience and support you to be better at what matters most in your life.