Our Team

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Rachael Lau
Founder & Head Performance & Lifestyle Coach

3C Triad Facilitator - Asian Leadership Institute (in training)

Applied Mindfulness Facilitator - TeamUp

5 years representation of Hong Kong National team (Field Hockey)

Newfield Network - Ontological Coach

Firstbeat Partner (HK)

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (1)

CHEK Practitioner (1)

BSc Sport & Exercise Science

Rachael draws upon a variety of experience in order to assist organisations, teams and individuals reach their desired performance, health and wellbeing goals. As an international athlete, she represented Hong Kong for 5 years in the Women's Field Hockey team.

As a professional she has 10 years’ experience in the Fitness and Health industry and recently up skilled to incorporate more of an integral approach to her coaching. By combining knowledge and experience of the body, mindfulness, leadership development and ontological coaching techniques* we give birth to a unique coaching process. Simply put this unique coaching approach to corporate, life and sports performance adopts a whole person philosophy encompassing four dimensions of energy management – physical (body), mental (mind), emotional (sensations) and spiritual (purpose).

 Her professional and personal experience with elite sport provides a great foundation for delivering key components and strategies to improve performance, health and wellbeing. Rachael works with a variety of individuals and athletes from the corporate and sporting environments to schools and the health and wellness industry.

*Ontology is the study of being and ontological coaching is a way of coaching that invites the individual to tap into a deeper awareness of their own lives and the way in which they observe the world around them. This method of coaching uses the body, emotions and language as domains of learning.


Brigitte Köhne
Lifestyle Coach & applied Mindfulness Facilitator 

Applied Mindfulness Facilitator - TeamUp

Over 12 Years Experience as an Educator

Kidding Around Yoga Teacher

Representation of Hong Kong National Team (Gaelic Football)

Post Graduate in Education

Bachelor of Human Movement Science

South African born Brigitte is a fun loving, creative and determined individual who is an avid team player. She has an affinity towards a healthy and active lifestyle and is a natural educator.

Brigitte believes in a nurturing and lighthearted approach to coaching and facilitation. She believes that it ensures that individuals can express themselves in their own way and to the best of their ability. She is a passionate individual and her primary role as a coach and facilitator is to inspire young people and support them to realise and step into their true potential.  

Brigitte firmly believes in providing the appropriate support based on the needs of the individual, regardless of age. Some require direction, some encouragement and others freedom to learn in their own with a little guidance.

Her broad education and coaching experience allows her to contribute to the growth of an individual in all aspects of their life. It is her intention to encourage people that she connects with to be better equipped for all circumstances they encounter in life, thus allowing them to thrive in the future.