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Wisdom is the coordination of knowledge, experience and information and its deliberate use to improve wellbeing.
— Martin E. P. Seligman

our vision

'Prioritising people, health and lifestyle'

ByoBeat was created to help empower people and organisations towards self-leadership and better health and wellbeing. A culture where good health, high performance, productivity and wellbeing become a consistent lifestyle, not just an occasional way of being and living. A healthy culture can lead to enjoyment for individuals, employees and profitability for companies. We use an integrated coaching approach combined with biofeedback analysis (Lifestyle Assessment) to help clients reach their desired performance and wellbeing goals and also as a preventative health strategy.

Our aim is to facilitate greater connection to things that matter most in the lives of those we work and partner with. Creating opportunities and support so that the individual or organisation has the ability, knowledge and awareness to take action to either maintain a healthy life or make the necessary adjustments. 

ByoBeats unique integrated coaching approach together with biofeedback analysis is what guides and sometimes challenges an individual or organisations current state of health and lifestyle priorities. By combining a coaching style that addresses all aspects of the Self (physical body, mind and thoughts, emotions and sensations and spirituality or sense of purpose) with technology, science and objective data we can create a strong foundation for identifying growth areas and work towards improvement in overall performance, health and wellbeing.

Our experience encapsulates many aspects of the personal and professional development journey to empower you to create more opportunities and possibilities in YOUR LIFE.

We believe strongly in a co-creative process together with our clients so they can take ownership of the direction and changes they would like to embody, execute and embrace in their own lives and within their organisations.