Performance Coaching

If you learn to create the right kind of climate in your body, mind, emotion, your health, wellbeing and joy - everything will be taken care of.
— Sadhguru

Rachael draws on a variety of experience as a professional and international athlete to deliver a more integrated coaching approach to performance. She combines knowledge and experience of the body, mindfulness, leadership development and ontological coaching techniques*. Simply put this unique coaching approach to corporate, life and sports performance adopts a whole person philosophy encompassing four dimensions of energy management – physical (body), mental (mind), emotional (sensations) and spiritual (purpose).

The ontological coaching model aims to cultivate a deeper relationship with the observer that we have become as a result of our history and experiences. Our aim is to deepen our self-awareness and challenge the way we observe the world, in order to create different results that are more aligned to that we want to achieve. 

Rachael uses various methodologies when coaching her clients including training the body, conversations that challenge mindset and existing behaviours and health technology to create a physiological map of the client and their relationship with stress, recovery, energy expenditure, sleep quality vs quantity and physical activity.

*Ontology is known as the study of being. This method of coaching is a way of coaching that invites the individual to tap into a deeper awareness of their own lives and the way in which they observe the world around them. We use the body, emotions and language as domains of learning.