Lifestyle assessment

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We address all elements of what it means to be human in order to create changes desired. We combine these aspects together with an objective perspective grounded in science and data in order to create shifts in behaviour and lifestyle.

What to expect

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ByoBeat uses Firstbeat Technology to create a physiological map of your current lifestyle and state of health. This map helps provide key insights, direction and a foundation in which to create a plan of action.

Our aim is to guide you through a journey from feeling to knowing and most importantly to understanding about how you experience the pressures and stress of daily life (perceived and real). Together we explore what is affecting your level of adaptability (resiliency), your energy levels and your level of productivity during work. We also look for moments for self-care and if you have carved out time for things that are meaningful and restorative to you.

We interpret data from the lifestyle assessment together with you. We provide expertise and support to co-create personal practices for the benefit of improving your health and lifestyle.  We may sometimes challenge you and push your growth edge to reach a new and healthier way of living. The importance of these practices and challenges is to create a new behaviour or way of being in your life that you desire, a call to action to embody change.

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