Applied Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness based coaching in small groups or on an individual basis.  Through our partnership with TeamUp we use a powerful 9 module course based on applied mindfulness, neuroscience and over 30 years of coaching experience.

We can facilitate this course for our participants online from anywhere in the world or in person. Traditionally, the 9 modules are done in triads (groups of 3 people + 1 facilitator) online in order to experience a sense of community and accountability going through the program together. However, the program is also available to individuals, couples and small groups in person also.

The TeamUp curriculum offers both theory and simple mindfulness based strategies to help you deepen your awareness of your own behaviours and actions. The TeamUp journey is transformational and invites you to apply mindful practices into your life in a subtle way. Over time you can expect to experience small shifts in your behaviour that lead to more significant connections with those you care about, a deeper awareness of yourself and how you interact with those around you and a greater sense of joy in your life.

The TeamUp community now has over 750 graduates from over 50 countries in the world. This global community is growing in connection and consciousness.

If you are interested in learning more about the program download the course program or feel free to contact us.