What our clients say...

Manulife HR Leadership Team

"'Manage your energy, not your time'  with Rachael Lau was an interesting training session that used the Lifestyle Assessment to gauge people's energy levels and hence performance. Rachael was really pro-active and was able to work through tight timelines to put together an engaging and interactive session for the HRLT. A big thank you for all her efforts."

Jill Mcmillan - Director Jill Mcmillan associates (TeamUp)

Rachael's facilitation was very skilled and she clearly knows the content (TeamUp) inside out. She drew on some very apt personal stories and anecdotes and was able to offer relevant and timely thoughts and ideas. She gently challenged the group, whilst remaining very sensitive and non-directive. Rachel is authentic and honest and comes as she is, which is helpful in setting a relaxed tone for the group. She is also highly experienced in embodiment work, which really comes across in her facilitation of certain exercises and being able to discern what might be going on for people. I think she's fab and I'm very grateful for the experience!

Jan Somers - Somers Management Services (Teamup)

Facilitating is about being present with a process map in your hand without taking control over the ride – in our case the TeamUp triad journey. Rachael created and held space for an international triad group dispersed in different time zones around the globe. She proved to be a very professional facilitator who held the process map, ensured that each of us was given ample time and space to reflect and express on the themes. Her relevant comments – before, during and after each Skype call – kept us going the ‘extra mile’ so to speak. Her sense of humour and sense of professionalism merged into a delightful presence.

Kaylan Rha - Cofounder of What Would
Love Do? (Teamup)

I really enjoyed the engagement on the forum after we posted. I also really enjoyed her facilitation style of allowing space for us to speak into the space and to each other. Also having added only when needed and valuable information or reflections for us. Racheal also had great knowledge of the science behind things and I felt it added value to who she was as a facilitator. I did feel at one point with one of the participants that Rachael had a holding expectation or judgment of one of the members and that created a bit of tension for me. Having send that she had great intentions and just wanted the best for that member. I just felt there was a bit of a learning curve there. To be aware of how it lands for others but most important the member she was directly speaking to.

Jo Darrington (TeamUp)

Rachael's powerful facilitation built a safe space which encouraged open, honest and vulnerable sharing. Through this we were able to delve deep to learn about ourselves and each other, making this experience an incredibly impactful one. Rachael's ability to listen acutely and ask just the right questions to challenge you, opened up avenues and insights that we were unaware of. She activated us to participate in each other's journeys, helping each other to develop practices and keeping us accountable to goals that we set. Reflecting back on the experience of participating in a TeamUp Triad with Rachael, I realise that it was an experience that brought about some big shifts in my perspectives on thing and I feel very grateful to have had this opportunity.


Rachael has helped me a lot not only getting physically fit but also emotionally fit. 2016 has been a tough year for me but meeting her helped me constructively build better health through exercise and mindfulness practises. Thank you so much Rach! 

Lisa Jones 

Why did I want some professional coaching?  I knew I had a few ‘issues’ with things in my past that I had tried to clear but hadn’t been successful.  I felt I was stopping myself from being my fullest self and moving forward in life and often sabotaging my health and relationships.  I didn’t really get ‘me’ and why I did or behaved some of the ways I did. 

I had been considering a coach here in Singapore and voiced this to Rachael when I bumped into her when she was in town for a hockey trip. I knew she had done coaching too and that she was open to take me on. Her initial emails and first chat were highly professional and I immediately felt in good hands. She picked up on words I used, how I said them - my body language (via Skype) and somehow managed to put it together and say it back in a way that made more sense to me and that helped me to have a number of ‘aha’ moments from the first session onwards.

After every session I feel calmer, more together and wanting to do the practise we co-created.  I knew it was always up to me to put the work in but she made it easy and achievable.  Her approach is kind, she allows you to speak, prompts you when you seem stuck and gives you the space and time to figure things out and talk yourself into understanding.

I have had coaching in the past, but this experience has by far been the best and most helpful - being an observer of myself and trying to bring myself into my centre has carried across into my work day, training day and life in general…

Rebecca Kay

I was not quite sure what to expect from coaching. Whilst being very driven both professionally and personally with a 12 year successful career in the financial services sector I have suffered from episodes of depression. I have had therapy to support with this which was both successful and needed at the time. 

I am also a mum of two very small children whom I adore but as such I had reached a cross roads where sometimes it felt that my needs were at the bottom of the pile. This was further compounded by moving to a different country and taking the pragmatic decision to finish my corporate job. I needed to redefine my own identity beyond being a mother and gain some inner harmony. Having suffered previously I recognised the signs and began to feel it was all getting too much. 

I met Rachael during some group exercise sessions that she led and decided to take what felt like a very brave decision at the time to talk to somebody. I was so pleased I took up Rachael's offer to have a coaching conversation.  It really helped me to know there was someone who wouldn’t bombard me with her opinion or her version of my story. Rachael listens carefully and is able to understand what is being said regardless of how confusing or jumbled it is in your head - and then she asks questions that you may not have thought to ask yourself, or you may have avoided.

Rachael’s coaching style fills me with optimism rather than than the desperation of my previous experiences. When life gets tough, which it will inevitably do, I am really going to try and remember; pause, centre and most of all breathe! 

Rachael is so supportive and encouraging. During one of our sessions Rachael said with my passion and drive she had no doubt that I would be successful and I now too share her positivity. Thank you!

Aniruddha Roy (Everest Base Camp Trek) 

In January 2015, I decided to try the Everest Base Camp trek and join a team which was starting the trek in end-March. I used to exercise only occasionally, was overweight and unfit. Rachael came highly recommended by none other than my wife, and Rachael had just two months to get me into some sort of shape for what would turn out to be an exhausting exercise (mentally and physically) - both during the training and during the trek.

While warning me that the time is too short, Rachael worked with me every week through a high intensity cardio based fitness program. Ultimately, I did manage to get fit for the trip and reached the Everest Base Camp (5,365 meters) on April 5, 2015. The best thing about Rachael is that she encourages you to set your own goals and works with you to achieve them. I can highly recommend Rachael for not only improving your fitness but your overall approach to life and goals

Cammi Truong  

I have been working out regularly for about 17-18 years and going to the gym is part of my life no matter where I am; on business trip or vacation. Most of my time in the gym has been on the treadmill as I love to run and the endorphin rush made me feel satisfied and fulfilled. Occasionally, I hit the dumbbells and other strength training equipment even though I detested lifting because I had awareness that lifting is good to build muscle and running burns muscle. I also acknowledged that I NEEDED more upper body strength, but I happily and stubbornly trained myself to run further and longer. As humans, it seems we do not want to make changes until circumstances force us to. While I constantly hit the treadmills almost every day, my body recently gave me a warning signal. Back and shoulder pain bothered me physically and impacted me spiritually. I finally had to see a doctor and took physiotherapy sessions to heal the pain from scoliosis.

A conversation with Rachael and the back pain pushed me to make changes to my workout routine. I started with a posture assessment which is one Rachael’s areas of expertise. We then set up a session of personal training to not only work on my back pain issue but also to correct the bad posture and strengthen my stability. The assessment really helped her to understand where the problems come from. Her excellent listening skills bring a tremendous effort in reading my body and identifying its weakness during the PT classes. After a few sessions over about 2 months, my back pain was in control. I have been amazed by her coaching as she brings very rational advice. Rachael always listens to you before she shares her professional input. There was one day she said to me: “Cammi, you have been 'working out' for too long and it is time to 'work in' now”. I felt hurt but also knew that she told me the truth. She also helped me to realize the huge gap between the way we see our bodies compared to the way others see it.  I think people don’t always fully understand their own body unless we are mindfully listening to ourselves. Now I am very happy because I learned how to manage the back pain. I can drop it behind me and move forward to my new target of empowering stability. I feel like I am getting stronger! Thanks Rachael. I appreciate your time with me, and moreover, your passion and dedication really motivated me to feel excited about trying and doing new things.  


Rachael is very highly trained in her profession and I am amazed at how she continuously seeks to increase her knowledge in her field! She is a very good listener and because of her wealth of knowledge and versatility she is able to create differentiated programs to address ones personal needs and attain the goals one has set out for themselves.

She is concerned about your total well being; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual which has made it a very rewarding experience working with her. She provides a program that continuously challenges me and because of her very encouraging nature, one would seek to achieve results beyond your comfort zone! 

I would definitely recommend Rachael to anyone looking for a comprehensive (and never boring) training experience.