What is a Lifestyle Assessment?

a physiological map of your life

How does it work?

We use technology to create a physiological profile of your lifestyle based on the rhythm of your heart beat. This data is directly linked with how you experience stress, how well you recover and sleep, your physical activity levels, and how other lifestyle factors affect your body such as work, mindfulness practices, alcohol and travel.

Lifestyle Assessment steps.png

Curious to see what your lifestyle looks like?

What do we measure in 3 days?

How your body reacts to stress (perceived and real)

Recovery ability

Subtle indicators of fatigue 

Quality of sleep vs length of sleep

Level of resiliency

Affects of lifestyle activities on body (exercise, emotions, alcohol, mindfulness based practises)

Physical activity (length and intensity)

Training effectiveness score (VO2 max, EPOC levels)

Energy expenditure

If your body has the resources it needs to cope with the demands of your lifestyle

Overview of your current state of health

Shift from 'thinking' to 'knowing'

Create a plan based on data.

Take action today.

Scientifically validated data

Our lifestyle assessment is based on heart rate variability (HRV) data. HRV is the gap between each heart beat. The hearts natural rhythm is continuously changing moment by moment, based on both internal and external factors such as exercise, experiencing emotions such as excitement or anger, mindful moments such as meditation and yoga, loud and busy environments, sleeping and when we are sick or even predisposed to sickness or disease.

HRV is known through research to be one of the most accurate measures of human health and resiliency. By resiliency here we mean the balance of an individuals autonomic nervous system (the stress centre of the body) and the relationship between sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze or faint) and parasympathetic (rest, digest, restore) responses. An individuals ability to switch between the two branches when they are suppose to, with ease and not too much delay is a sign of high adaptability and resiliency.

When using HRV to measure health we can identify potential lifestyle behaviours that if not addressed may lead to more serious diseases later in life. ByoBeat believes in a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. You do not have to wait until your body gives you a sign before seeking ways to improve your health and lifestyle.