Workshops & Public Speaking

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ByoBeat recognises that working harder and more hours does not lead to better performance as an outcome. In fact it is counterproductive. Health and wellbeing should not be compromised for the sake of success. It should be prioritised so that enjoyment can become part of the journey towards your definition of success.

Delivering key components of performance and wellbeing through small and large groups. Tailored to the specific needs of our clients in order to address targeted areas for improvement. 

We offer measurable solutions to individuals and organisations that are looking for ways to improve health, performance, productivity and ultimately profitability. 

Our aim is to create shifts in culture and behaviour by focusing on quantifying the following recovery practices. 

1.     Sleep recovery

2.     Physical activity

3.     Mental recovery

4.     Social recovery

5.     Emotional recovery

By educating our clients and helping them to understand the importance of rest and recovery in relation to innovation, creativity, productivity and profitability, we create more possibilities and opportunities to achieve their expectations. 

We can team up together with our partners to create more evolved and creative programmes that combine our talents to serve the needs of our client.

Key topics:

Managing your energy, not your time

Embodying a coherent way of life

Implications of Stress on High Performance

Key components of Self-Leadership